It’s a Secret to Everybody

Here I go again. Yes. Another try at blogging from me.
Hopefully I’ll be able to publish more than 3 entries this time. I did write more stuff but those stayed as drafts because I felt they sounded dumb.

But, I won’t be counting this as my first entry. This is more of a placeholder. Just a little something to keep the site not empty and to motivate me to actually work on it. I also won’t be telling anybody about this blog until I finish setting everything up. So if you’re reading this before I made another post, Hello! 👋

I’m going to share web designs and other graphics related stuff here too.
I used to have a separate site for these but it went down when I moved servers and never got it up again. Not because I didn’t want but I started studying Web Design and learned that EVERYTHING I KNEW WAS WRONG!!! Well, not everything but quite a few things were.
So, I will be fixing some of my old designs and upload them, but veeeeeryyy slowly (because homework). I did upload most of the icons I had on the site (I remove those I didn’t like).

Well, that’s all.
I wanted to write about finally opening all these figures I had. But taking photos while opening and then setting them up was taking too long so I gave up. I posted the photos I did take on my Instagram.
The only one that I didn’t open is the big black box. I might write about it later (It’s NSFW though).

I promised not to open another figure until I finish cleaning my room. It took me from November 2015 to August 2017 😅
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